Cocoa pods, Venezuela. Photo: C.Lanaud ©CIRAD
Arabica coffee, Ethiopia. Photo: ©Jean-Pierre Labouisse
Yams in Benin. Photo: J-L Pham ©IRD
Rice harvest, Guinea. Photo: J-L Pham ©IRD
Maize corn. Photo: ©Brigitte Gouesnard

Activities carried out

WP 1: Data acquisition

Task 1.1: Collection and conservation of DNA samples
Task 1.2: Sequencing

WP 2: Sequence pre-treatment and database (with Bioinformatics sub-project 4)

WP 3: Comparative population genomics of the domestication process

Task 3.1: Loss and gain of genetic diversity following domestication
Task 3.2: Investigation of demographic scenarios
Task 3.3: Identification of domestication genes
Task 3.4: Investigation of the effect of domestication history and life-history traits on the domestication process

WP4: Life history traits and genome evolution

Task 4.1: Characterization of polymorphism and divergence patterns at the quadruplet scale
Task 4.2: Investigation of the effect of life-history traits and taxonomy: comparison between quadruplets

WP 5: Comparative functional genomics

Task 5.1 Comparative analyses of gene content and organisation of gene families
Task 5.2 Analysis of selective constraints affecting the genes and comparison of molecular function, expression level and family organisation.
Task 5.3: Focus on specific metabolic networks

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