Cocoa pods, Venezuela. Photo: C.Lanaud ©CIRAD
Arabica coffee, Ethiopia. Photo: ©Jean-Pierre Labouisse
Yams in Benin. Photo: J-L Pham ©IRD
Rice harvest, Guinea. Photo: J-L Pham ©IRD
Maize corn. Photo: ©Brigitte Gouesnard

Actions carried out

WP 1 Facilities for plant DNA manipulation, Technical organization

Task 1 Treatment of plant samples
Task 2 Automated DNA extraction component
Task 3 Quality control of DNA samples
Task 4 Secure storage of DNA samples

WP 2 Facilities for DNA plant manipulation, management

Task 1 Installation of equipment.
Task 2 Management of facilities for handling plant DNA.

WP 3 Towards a DNA bank on Mediterranean and Tropical Plants

Task 1 Development of governance.
Task 2 Management and traceability of nucleic acid samples.
Task 3 Secure management of associated data.
Task 4 Quality management system.
Task 5 Communication.
Task 6 International exchanges.

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