Cocoa pods, Venezuela. Photo: C.Lanaud ©CIRAD
Arabica coffee, Ethiopia. Photo: ©Jean-Pierre Labouisse
Yams in Benin. Photo: J-L Pham ©IRD
Rice harvest, Guinea. Photo: J-L Pham ©IRD
Maize corn. Photo: ©Brigitte Gouesnard


In Montpellier

Coordination team

Surname, Name Position Institution E-mail
PHAM, Jean-Louis ARCAD programme leader Agropolis Fondation / IRD pham[at]
LABOUISSE, Jean-Pierre scientic project coordinator Agropolis Fondation /CIRAD labouisse[at]
PROSPERI , Jean-Marie FEDER project coordinator INRA jean-marie.prosperi[at]
DURAND, Carol FEDER project coordinator INRA carol.durand[at]
BLANCHET, Elise coordination assistant INRA elise.blanchet[at]

Leaders of scientific projects and responsible staff for work packages

Surname, Name  Project  Institution E-mail
AHMADI, Nour Adaptation to climate change CIRAD ahmadi[at]
BALBOA, Ange DNA bank INRA ange.balboa[at]
BILLOT, Claire Cereals in Africa CIRAD claire.billot[at]
CHANTRET, Nathalie Compar. pop. genomics INRA nathalie.chantret[at]
DAVID, Jacques Compar. pop. genomics SUPAGRO jacques.david[at]
DE KOCHKO, Alexandre Compar. pop. genomics IRD dekochko[at]
DEU, Monique Cereals in Africa CIRAD monique.deu[at]
ENGELMANN, Florent Cryopreservation IRD florent.engelmann[at]
GALTIER, Nicolas Compar. pop. genomics CNRS nicolas.galtier[at]
GAY Laurène Adaptation to climate change INRA[at]
GHESQUIERE, Alain Cereals in Africa IRD alain.ghesquiere[at]
GLEMIN, Sylvain Compar. pop. genomics CNRS glemin[at]
GOUESNARD, Brigitte Cereals in Africa INRA brigitte.gouesnard[at]
LECLERC, Christian Cereals in Africa CIRAD[at]
LORIDON Karine Adaptation to climate change INRA karine.loridon[at]
MORCILLO, Fabienne Compar. pop. genomics IRD morcillo[at]
MULLER Marie-Hélène Cereals in Africa INRA marie-helene.muller[at]
NOYER, Jean-Louis Cereals in Africa; Training CIRAD jean-louis.noyer[at]
PHAM, Jean-Louis Cereals in Africa; Training Agropolis Fondation / IRD pham[at]
PROSPERI, Jean-Marie DNA bank INRA jean-marie.prosperi[at]
RISTERUCCI, Ange-Marie DNA bank; Comparative pop. genomics CIRAD ange-marie.risterucci[at]
RONFORT, Joelle Adaptation to climate change INRA joelle.ronfort[at]
ROUMET, Pierre Cereals in Africa INRA pierre.roumet[at]
RUIZ, Manuel Bioinformatics CIRAD manuel.ruiz[at]
SABAU, Xavier DNA bank CIRAD xavier.sabau[at]
SANTONI Sylvain DNA bank; Compar. pop. genomics INRA sylvain.santoni[at]
SEGUIN, Marc GBS pan-genomics CIRAD marc.seguin[at]
THIS, Patrice GBS pan-genomics INRA patrice.this[at]
THUILLET, Anne-Céline Adaptation to climate change IRD anne-celine.thuillet[at]
VIGOUROUX, Yves Adaptation to climate change IRD yves.vigouroux[at]

Contract staff who contributed to the scientific project 

Surname, Name Position Project
METER, Ashley MSc student Coordination
SARAH, Gautier Engineer Bioinformatics
SEMPERE, Guilhem Engineer Bioinformatics
DE MITA, Stéphane Post-Doc Adaptation to climate change
SAUNÉ, Laure Assist engineer Comparative population genomics
LABEYRIE, Vanesse PhD student Cereals in Africa
DUFAYARD, Jean-François Engineer Bioinformatics
NABHOLZ, Benoit Post-Doc Comparative population genomics
SIOL, Mathieu   Adaptation to climate change

 Leaders of ARCAD technological platforms

NAME, Surname Platform Institution email
PROSPERI, Jean-Marie Seed characterization and quality analyses INRA jean-marie.prosperi[at]
MAGHANAOUI, Najate Seed conservation CIRAD najate.maghnaoui[at]
SANTONI, Sylvain DNA bank and genotyping/sequencing laboratories INRA sylvain.santoni[at]
CHATELET, Philippe Cryopreservation INRA chatelet[at]
JENNY, Christophe Information systems CIRAD christophe.jenny[at]

 In other places

Surname, Name Project Institution Country
BARRY, Mamadou Billo Adaptation to climate change; Cereals in Africa IRAG Guinea
BATAILLON, Thomas Adaptation to climate change Aarhus University Denmark
HAUSSMANN, Bettina Adaptation to climate change ICRISAT Niger
YOUNG, Nevin Dale Adaptation to climate change University of Minnesota USA

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